Canadian mum goes viral on TikTok for laundry hack she says saves her hours of time

Followers called it "witchcraft".
Followers called it "witchcraft". Photo credit: TikTok/ @mommaneedsahobby

Doing the laundry is such a laborious task that nobody enjoys - washing, drying, hanging and folding clothes can often feel like an endless mission. 

But one Canadian woman has gone viral online after sharing the clothes hanging hack she says saves hours on laundry day, and streamlines the whole process. 

Going by 'Momma Needs a Hobby' on TikTok, Carol Larsen, 29, posted a video showing how she puts her arm through the neck hold of multiple tops at once while doing the washing, so they all hang off her wrist. 

Then using the same arm, she grabs a coathanger off a pile, and easily slips the clothing over the hanger, before putting it straight up onto the rack in the same movement.

It's a great method for getting everything into the wardrobe quickly, and will be particularly effective for those with dodgy backs, as it means you don't have to bend down to the basket repeatedly. 

Larsen also recommends drying your clothes on hangers, again as it helps make the whole process much more streamlined. 

The video has racked up over 6 million views from impressed TikTokkers, with one calling the method "witchcraft". 

"I'm trying this tonight,' they added. 

"I literally just did a huge pile of laundry. Why couldn't you have shown me this an hour ago?" another lamented. 

"I've been living my life on hard mode," another joked.