Easy Easter baking: How to make the best hot cross buns

Easter is a time to enjoy all kinds of delicious treats, including that classic favourite - hot cross buns.

But instead of throwing the same old supermarket six-pack into your trolley, why not have a go at making some hot cross buns yourself?

If you're not an accomplished home baker, here's a super-simple hot cross bun recipe created by Trudi Nelson.

Baking some delicious hot cross buns with the new GLAD TO BE GREEN Compostable Bake Paper means you'll also be making a better choice for the environment. 

Whether you're a traditional raisin fan or you like a more chocolatey bun, you'll know exactly what's going into the cooking process.

Part of the new GLAD TO BE GREEN Range the compostable bake paper is great for lining your tray - its natural brown paper is unbleached and chlorine-free. Non- stick guaranteed, it also has double-sided non-stick coating so you don't need to use masses of extra oils and grease.

It also means less mess and easy clean up with no need to wash your trays and surfaces - which, is a big win.

But the biggest win of all if you're trying to cut back on household waste: GLAD TO BE GREEN Compostable Bake Paper is certified* home compostable after use and can be safely returned back to the earth, diverting waste from landfill.  

For more tips and tricks, click here. This is also a great place to start if you’re looking for some other Easter inspiration and ideas.

*certified compostable to AS4736 and AS5810 standards.

This article and video was created for GLAD