'Genius or scary?': Woman's 'hot cross bun lamb' burger splits internet

The sweet and savoury creation has racked up thousands of views.
The sweet and savoury creation has racked up thousands of views. Photo credit: TikTok/@pollycooks.

Video sharing app TikTok is full of delicious recipes from clever home cooks, including Polly O'Toole, who has earned over 1 million followers by sharing cooking creations. 

But O'Toole's recent Easter creation has split the internet, with some calling it "genius" and others dubbing it "scary". 

Asking followers if they'd dare to try it, O'Toole shared a recipe for a roast lamb burger made inside a hot cross bun. 

The video showing how to make the sweet and savoury "hot cross lamb" creation has been viewed over 40,000 times. 

In the clip, O'Toole marinates and cooks a leg of lamb with spices similar to those found in a hot cross bun, as well as whipping together some delicious roast potatoes. 

She then assembles the 'burger' with the shredded lamb, potatoes and lashings of mint jelly. 

"Would you try it?" she captioned the video, which has racked up over 100 likes from impressed commenters, most of whom were excited to try the unusual creation. 

"Might just have to put the vegetarianism down for a sec because this looks too good," one person wrote.

"That looks absolutely insane," praised another. 

Others didn't know how to feel. 

"I'm actually terrified but maybe I'll try it," one person wrote. 

"I don't know if this is genius or scary," another agreed.