Influencer's eyelid droops after botched Botox treatment

A plastic surgeon says the drooping eye is temporary.
A plastic surgeon says the drooping eye is temporary. Photo credit: Instagram - @somethingwhitty

A US influencer's eyelid is drooping following a botched Botox procedure and her followers just can't get enough. 

Whitney Buha is a Chicago-based influencer who shares her life to her Instagram page @somethingwhitty. 

Buha has been receiving regular Botox since she turned 30 and it's always worked without a hitch - that was until she got her latest Botox fix from a local medspa.

The Botox aimed at lifting her eyebrows didn't seem to have worked properly as one eyebrow was lower than the other.

So she went back and got a couple more shots to even them out - the next morning she woke up to find her eyelid drooping and her other eye compensating by bulging wide open.

"I can't believe I'm going to show you guys this, but I'm getting a ton of questions about what happened with the Botox," she said in her Instagram story.

"A lot of you get Botox. You didn't know this is possible. I didn't know this was possible either.

Pulling back her hair to show the droopy eye she laughed: "I look like Two-Face!"

"Ever since I went back, this is what has happened. So whatever she did relaxed this muscle."

Buha soon learnt she had a condition called ptosis. While initially being told there wasn't anything that could be done to help her as Botox can't be dissolved, a plastic surgeon has assured her it's only temporary. 

She told Buzzfeed she tried to hide her eye from social media with her hair, but after revealing to her followers she had a Botox mishap she was inundated with questions. 

Deciding to embrace the situation, she began to share pictures and videos explaining what was going on - the posts gaining record engagement. 

"People are so invested in this and want to know what's happening."

And her followers love her honestly.

"The strength and honesty to tell this story is amazing. You have the best attitude for this industry. Makes me admire you so much more," one follower wrote to her comments. 

Buha is posting side-by-side picture and video updates as her eye slowly but surely improves.