London restaurant pop-up hilariously directs influencer to police station when they try to score free food during lockdown

The pop-up has been praised online for its savage response.
The pop-up has been praised online for its savage response. Photo credit: Instagram/@fourlegs_ldn.

One industry that's been massively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns is the hospitality industry. 

Across Aotearoa and the rest of the world, cafes, restaurants and bars are doing all they can to cling on to business, and are being forced to take creative measures. 

That's why one London-based influencer's attempt to score free food for himself and his friends from a local restaurant seems even more brazen than usual. 

But Four Legs, a pop-up restaurant operating out of The Compton Arms pub in Islington, has had the last laugh with its extremely savage response. 

The owners shared screenshots of their exchange with the unnamed Influencer, who messaged to request a meal in exchange for a plug on Instagram - as well as four extra meals for their "bubble" too.

"I'll be happy to advertise you via my Instagram Stories, alongside a swipe up link to direct my followers to your website in the hope of it leading to an order," the influencer promised.

The Four Legs team appeared to go along with the request at first, asking if the blogger would be able to pick up the order, and saying they were based in "Tolpuddle Street". 

They instructed the anonymous blogger to head over in the evening to pick it up, then adding: "Thanks very much man, it's really appreciated."

But when the influencer attempted to find the pop-up, he soon got lost and messaged saying he could only see "two police vans". 

"Yeah it's that end, head up there, let me know when you see the police station," the restaurant owner replied. 

When the influencer could spot the station, the Four Legs owner landed their fatal blow. 

"Magic - go in there and report yourself for crimes against the hospitality industry."

Four Legs posted screenshots of the exchange to its Instagram page, where it racked up over 30,000 likes. 

"Been reading a lot about the peasant's revolt recently. Inspiring stuff," the caption read. 

Commenters praised the restaurant for its creative response to such a cringe request. 

"Ironically, telling this egg where to go has actually got you guys more exposure than feeding a whole gang of lame influencers for free could ever get you!" one person wrote. 

"The fact that you made him walk there... I wish I could have seen his reaction via CCTV," another wrote. 

"I wonder what he said to his bubble when he got back?" another mused.