'Looking slick': Hell Pizza pays out Pizza Hut for terrible delivery driver signage

The post racked up almost 7000 likes from amused Kiwis.
The post racked up almost 7000 likes from amused Kiwis. Photo credit: Facebook/ Hell Pizza NZ.

New Zealand pizza outlet Hell Pizza has thrown shade at competitor Pizza Hut after spotting one of its delivery drivers out and about. 

The fast food outlet posted a picture on Facebook of the car clumsily decorated with white tape reading 'Pizza Hut Driver'. 

"Hey Pizza Hut, can you flick us the details of your new signage company? Looking slick," Hell Pizza's sarcastic caption read. 

The post racked up almost 7000 likes and over 1000 comments from amused Kiwis. 

"Must have paid a hell of a lot for that," one person wrote. 

"You can't deny it's eye-catching," pointed out another. 

Even the official Facebook page of local store chain Night n Day got in on the action, commenting: "Nothing says 'I'm legit a delivery driver' more than this". 

One person claimed to get a screenshot of Pizza Hut replying with the simple comment: "Your mum", but the cropped image indicates it might be faked. 

Otherwise, Pizza Hut hasn't responded publicly to the ribbing.