Petition calls for Streets to change name of Golden Gaytime ice cream in support of LGBTQIA+ community

Streets has said there are no plans to rename the iconic Aussie ice cream.
Streets has said there are no plans to rename the iconic Aussie ice cream. Photo credit: Streets.

An online petition to change the name of iconic Aussie ice cream Golden Gaytime is gathering steam.

The petition was started by 'Brian Mc', a  member of the LGBTQIA+ community, who raised concerns online the word gay in the title is "outdated". 

"As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I believe my sexual identity is owned by me, not a brand and that the outdated meaning no longer applies. Isn't it time for this double entendre to end?" the petition reads.

"My suggestion would be if Golden Gaytime is meant to relate to having a joyous or happy time, then the product should be called that and it's time to remove Gay from its name."

So far it has racked up over 1200 signatures of support. 

Golden Gaytime is a toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream, dipped in chocolate and covered in biscuit pieces. According to 7 News, it was first released in Australia in 1959 by ice cream giant Streets.

Brian added that while he didn't feel it was "his place" to dictate what the rebranded product should be called, he said it was time the company was "called out for being outdated, especially when Streets is releasing new products and cross-promotions in 2021".

But his petition hasn't been met with enthusiasm by all. Brain says he's received a lot of negative feedback since the petition first started, and been called "snowflake, bonkers, ridiculous, and a troll".

A Streets spokesperson told 7 News there are currently no plans to change the name. 

"The origin of the 'Gaytime' name was and remains, related to having a joyous or happy time and is meant to capture the pleasure that comes with enjoying an ice cream," the spokesperson said.

"The 'Gaytime' name is not and never has intended to cause offence and this petition is the first that we have been made aware of."

It wouldn't be the first time a product has rebranded to avoid causing offence. Last year Tip Top rebranded its famous icecream Eskimo Pies, and Pascall ditched Eskimo lollies in their mixed sweet bags.