Pringles' new 'Moa'-flavoured chips shock Kiwis

The "Moa Burger" Pringles taste like garlic, sweet ginger, and savoury beef.
The "Moa Burger" Pringles taste like garlic, sweet ginger, and savoury beef. Photo credit: Getty Images / Twitter - @pringles

Pringles' newest flavour 'Moa Burger' is ruffling feathers amongst Kiwis on social media.

The bizarre flavour creation, which was released on Friday, is based upon the 'moa' animals in the video game Halo: Reach, which are "large, flightless bird-like creatures with two legs, wings, scales from the neck up, and a lizard-like head".

In a press release Pringles says the creature is "similar to the extinct bird from New Zealand of the same name". 

The chip company adds the bird is "native to the Halo planet called Reach and is the signature dish of a restaurant chain in that universe" - which means players of the popular game are "continually curious" about what it may taste like in burger form. 

Out of this curiosity, Halo and Pringles came together for a collaboration and the "Moa Burger Pringles" were born. 

On Saturday American video game news site IGN shared a picture of the new flavour to Twitter, quickly gaining the attention of a flurry of concerned New Zealanders and bird-lovers looking to remind Americans that the moa was in fact a real bird. 

"Bird from Halo? It was an actual bird people:,"     one user wrote, hoping to enlighten people by sharing the bird's Wikipedia page.

"So weird. Or are they trying to remind people of death and extinction as they eat?"

"Why are so many of the replies unaware that moa are real and were native to New Zealand and went extinct. Do people genuinely think it's a Halo thing?" asked another.

"Hey, @Pringles - any danger of you checking Google or something? Some might call this cultural appropriation."

One Twitter user even shared a picture of himself next to a recreation of a moa as proof they really did exist.

Others were shocked to learn the role the moa animals play in Halo: "What got me the most about this, is that apparently in Halo: Reach, there's an achievement for killing lots of moa."

"It’s been confirmed. Pringles are the reason moas went extinct," added another.

While curiosity struck some: "I mean this is weird, but I for one have always wondered what moa tasted like."

"Ah yes, when I go to the museum and look at the Moa skeletons I too am filled with the urge to eat them."

Unfortunately, the chips will be sold exclusively at Walmarts in the US so it's unlikely many Kiwis will get a chance to try them. 

According to Pringles, the crisps boast a "thick wavy texture to deliver a bold crunch" and "feature a blend of flavours including garlic, sweet ginger, and savoury beef".

The chip-consumer will apparently be hit with a slight heat from chilli pepper and red pepper which aims to "take tastebuds on a journey to new star systems".

Kelloggs, the company behind Pringles, isn't a stranger to odd chip flavours with flavours such as eggs benedict, pecan pie, prawn cocktail, mayo cheese, and cheeseburger all having hit the shelves in the past.