Revealed: Auckland's latest 'critically' filthy restaurants

Three E-grade eateries had cockroach infestations.
Three E-grade eateries had cockroach infestations. Photo credit: Supplied

The latest of Auckland's filthiest restaurants have been revealed in a shocking list detailing dirt and infestations.

Four restaurants received E grades and 24 received D grades from Auckland Council between December 1 and March 9 for failing to have their outlets up to scratch.

Lan Xiang Restaurant in Newmarket received an E grade on December 16 for being dirty and unhygienic and having a cockroach infestation - both of which were described as "critical".

During a follow-up inspection, it received a B grade.

Papa Tasty Kebab in Birkenhead was the second outlet to receive an E grade - it also had a critical cockroach infestation. It received an A grade during its follow-up inspection.

Tofuman in Somerville also received an E grade for its critical cockroach infestation. It too received an A grade upon reinspection.

The fourth restaurant to receive an E grade was Canton Grill and Seafood Restaurant in Newmarket. It had two critical issues - a rodent infestation as well as dirty and unhygienic premises.

It received a D grade in a follow-up inspection.

Photos supplied to Newshub show one food outlet with what appears to be uncooked seafood left uncovered while it's stored. Other images show flies sitting on a strip of tape and floors of the kitchen left unclean.

Revealed: Auckland's latest 'critically' filthy restaurants
Photo credit: Supplied

A spokesperson for Auckland Council told Newshub that E grades are issued to businesses with critical food safety risks.

"When a critical risk to food safety is found, the business will immediately close and will reopen when the critical food safety risk has been addressed," they say.

"For example, if a food business is found to have an extensive cockroach infestation, it will not be permitted to reopen, unless the cockroach infestation has been satisfactorily mitigated."

D grades are given when a business needs to improve but it isn't a critical risk.

"A D grade means that faults that are not a critical risk to food safety were found on the premises and intervention by a food safety officer was required."

E-grade Eateries

  • Lan Xiang Restaurant, Newmarket - currently grade B
  • Papa Tasty Kebab, Birkenhead - currently grade A
  • Tofuman, Somerville - currently grade A
  • Canton Grill and Seafood Restaurant, Newmarket - currently grade D

D-grade Eateries

  • Evans Kebab Orakei, Orakei - business no longer trading
  • Delight Cafe and Restaurant, Ellerslie - grade pending
  • Namaste Restaurant and Bar, Mt Eden - currently grade A
  • Titirangi Indian Kitchen, Titirangi - currently grade A
  • Da Vinci Restaurant, Auckland Central - currently grade A
  • Top Seafood Restaurant, Auckland Central - currently grade A
  • RCF Trading Limited, New Lynn - currently grade B
  • St Margarets Cafe and Bistro, Papakura - currently grade A
  • Jimijimi and Cha Plus, Mt Roskill - currently grade A
  • Faleaiga Samoa, Henderson - business no longer trading
  • Papaya Thai Restaurant, Rosedale - currently grade A
  • Town and Country Fried Chicken, Manurewa - currently grade A
  • Thai Donut Limited, Auckland Central - currently grade A
  • Hongka BBQ Restaurant, Pakuranga Night Market - currently grade A
  • The Great Tong Takeaway, Glen Innes - currently grade A
  • Hong Yan Stancombe, Flatbush - currently grade A
  • The Indian Kitchen Restaurant, Howick - currently grade A
  • City Gopchang, Auckland Central - currently grade A
  • Hunter Fish, Otahuhu - currently grade A
  • Imperial Palace Chinese Restaurant, Mt Wellington - currently grade A
  • Goldstar Bakery, Hillcrest - currently grade A
  • Fatboys Tavern, Albany - currently grade A
  • Weststar Bake House, Henderson - currently grade A
  • Sushi Club Triton Drive, Rosedale - currently grade A