The best online exercise classes to keep you moving during COVID-19 lockdown

Can't face the same old walk around your block? We've got you covered.
Can't face the same old walk around your block? We've got you covered. Photo credit: Getty.

We're back here again - Auckland has been placed into COVID-19 alert level 3 lockdown and that means many of us will be back to our old habits: working in loungewear, sipping a homemade Nespresso, maybe even cranking out the old sourdough or banana bread recipe. 

But considering this is the city's third lockdown since the pandemic first arrived on our shores a year ago there are some lockdown traditions that may just be wearing a little thin, like that daily pound of the pavement around your neighbourhood.

With gyms and studios around the city closed for at least the next week, how best to get moving if you just can't face the same walk around the block?

Luckily some of the best studios are now used to adapting quickly and are offering at-home classes and workouts so you don't come to the end of this lockdown feeling like you haven't moved off the couch. 

Exercise is a great way to boost endorphins and blast anxiety if you're feeling a little strung out about being back in level 3, so it's a win/win. 

Here are some of our top picks: 

Core Collective 

If you've been to Core Collective's studio in City Works Depot you'll know the classes are usually held on reformer machines - but the instructors are just as skilled at mat pilates, meaning you don't need to shell out thousands on a machine to take part in their at-home videos. This team of ladies are incredible trainers and if you want to see some serious changes in your body in the next week, they'll be the ones to help you do it. A schedule of their live classes is up now on the CC Instagram - there's a mix of morning and lunchtime classes, perfect for WFH. If you can't make the schedule, you can have a recording sent to you later. Otherwise, they have plenty of workouts saved on Instagram highlights. 

Gary Mulholland 

Can't get to the gym to do your usual high intensity workout? No worries - you can bring the gym to you. Gary Mulholland is a Les Mills trainer you may recognise from those kooky inflight Air NZ exercise videos everyone has watched but never took part in. But what you will want to take part in are the awesome 'Live on the Lawn' at-home workout videos he takes on his Instagram. The full-body workouts are usually only 40 minutes and will leave you feeling as sweaty and sore as you are trying to get back down those stairs at Les Mills Newmarket. If you miss a live, you can tune in later - he saves them as Reels and there upwards of 70 to choose from. 

Sala Online

If you've never been to Ponsonby studio Sala you've probably seen its chic, concreted space somewhere on your Instagram feed - everyone that goes there appears to be very beautiful and very bendy. Luckily you have to be neither to engage in one of their at-home videos - their online studio is one of the best in the business. There's yoga flows, equipment-free strength classes, meditation - whether you want a deep stretch or a sweat, they have pretty much everything you need to get through the next week in one piece. If you're feeling a little anxious, I would highly recommend one of their incredible yin classes to de-stress. 

Give Fit Back 

Just feel like a mix of everything but not sure where to start? This Instagram is the perfect one to follow - they promote different local fitness trainers from around the country, and have full schedules for many so you can pick and choose what you feel like doing. Give Fit Back first started during last year's level 4 lockdown and the team behind it have come to the party during each one since -we can only imagine they'll be back on it with a list of instructors and classes during this week.