UK dog owner returns dog because it 'didn't match the sofa'

A dog in the UK was returned after it didn't match the adoptee's sofa.
A dog in the UK was returned after it didn't match the adoptee's sofa. Photo credit: Getty Images

A new UK dog owner has returned their supposed-fur-ever-friend after they realised it "didn't match the sofa."

Former CEO of London's Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Claire Horton told the BBC around 10 percent of dogs they rehome are later returned.

She says this can be for "very genuine" reasons such as a relationship breakdown, death, illness, or financial troubles.

Other reasons include struggling to deal with the mess pets can create. 

"We'll get people who will bring them back because they hadn't thought it was going to wee on the carpet or chew the bottom of their door."

But this was definitely one of the strangest returns she's seen. 

"We've even had a dog come back once because it didn't match the sofa!"

Horton says thankfully the mismatched, unwanted dog has found a happy ending and was re-adopted into a loving family who doesn't mind if it clashes with the furniture. 

Adding that while the charity doesn't judge people for returning pets they have banned the original adopter. 

Horton said the UK's lockdowns have resulted in a "surge" of people looking to own pets.

And while more people may be owning pets, Horton said lockdown meant the number of animals being returned has actually decreased because people are able to spend more time at home with them - good news for pets whose fur doesn't fit the feng shui.