UK pharmacy horrifies with suggestion people buy sex toys as Mother's Day gifts

It's certainly less traditional than a box of chocolates and a card.
It's certainly less traditional than a box of chocolates and a card. Photo credit: Getty.

Mother's Day is approaching in the UK and advertising has started for potential gifts like flowers, perfumes, books and other traditional items. 

But UK pharmacy chain Boots has horrified Scottish locals after advertising special Mother's Day gifts - a line-up of sex toys. 

According to the Sun, 53-year-old Scot Andrew Whiting did a "double-take" after spotting an ad on Facebook for the pharmacy which featured four different vibrators for "every type of mum". 

He captured a screenshot of the ad, which read: "Looking for the perfect gift for your miles-away Mum? Or your near-but-far Mum? Wherever she is, we've got something she'll love."

The ad featured an image of a toddler, her mother and grandmother - with a line-up of different sex toys underneath. 

Whiting said he couldn't believe what he saw and initially laughed as he thought it was "quite funny". 

"But then I saw the little girl who was in the picture and I thought 'that's a little inappropriate', especially when this advertisement is going out to [users] on Facebook in the UK." 

Boots has now apologised for any "offence caused" and explained that a "technical error" meant two separate adverts were combined into one.

The ad has now been removed.