US man horrified to find secret room, recording equipment behind air vent in Airbnb

The discovery was something straight out of a horror movie.
The discovery was something straight out of a horror movie. Photo credit: TikTok/@Keezybadass.

If you've booked an Airbnb for any upcoming travels around the country this year, consider this a reminder to give the place a thorough search on arrival.

One US man has recently shared footage online of the horrifying discovery he apparently made in a rental property which gave his followers "the creeps".

Posting online two days ago, a TikTok user going by the handle 'Keezybadass' said his Airbnb hosts appeared "shocked" he was a male on his arrival at the property.

"They really thought I was gonna be female," he added.

As he tried to sleep that night, he said he could hear noises and he "felt like I was being watched".

It was upon searching his room the next morning he says he made the chilling discovery. Behind the air vent was "a whole other room hidden".

The small space captured on camera appears to be just big enough for a person to hide in, complete with recording equipment.

The video has racked up over 2 million views and thousands of comments from horrified TikTok users, urging the TikTokker to share the listing so people - especially women - know not to stay there.

"You just gave me the creeps OMG," one person wrote.

"This makes me not wanna stay in an Airbnb ever again", agreed another, while a third wrote: "That's why I pay for hotels."

'Keezybadass' added a warning in the comments, urging people to "stay safe out there".

While it sounds like a plot out of a horror movie, it's not a dissimilar experience from one had by a Kiwi family while using the home-sharing site.

While travelling through Europe in 2019, they found a concealed camera in the living room of their Airbnb accommodation in Ireland.