Video of Aramex courier chucking package onto front step of New Zealand home released online

Yet another video has been released online showing a Kiwi courier driver chucking a package from the front seat of his van onto the recipient's front step. 

The video was filmed by the property's private security camera and posted to the New Zealand sub-Reddit on Thursday. 

In the video, an Aramex courier driver pulls up to the house and chucks the package at the front door without getting out of the vehicle. 

 A loud 'thunk' can be heard as the package hits the front door mat and bounces out of sight, although it's unclear what state the parcel arrived in. 

"Thanks courier," the recipient captioned the post. 

Reddit commenters couldn't believe the novel delivery method. 

"Gonna start a courier company called YEET," one person joked.

"Fairly good attempt at hitting the doormat. If you want them to throw it somewhere else you need to leave clear instructions, like painting a target where you want it," another wrote. 

"Don't worry, whatever's in there is f**ked now," someone else 'comforted' the recipient. 

Others pointed out that the delivery may have been the most careful stage of the handling process.

"You're lucky you didn't see the perfect drop kick that got it into the van," someone mused. 

Aramex, previously known as Fastway Couriers, has been approached by Newshub for comment.

The incident follows a series of videos which emerged earlier this year showing careless delivery methods couriers, including a similar video showing a NZ post courier driver throwing a package at a house from the driver's seat of his van.