Woman receives irate letter from 'sleep-deprived' neighbours berating her for loud 'sexcapades'

The neighbours called the "loud moaning and groaning" a "nightmare turned reality".
The neighbours called the "loud moaning and groaning" a "nightmare turned reality". Photo credit: Getty/Reddit.

An amused Australian woman has shared the irate note she received from her "mortified" and "sleep-deprived neighbours" berating her for having loud sex in what they called "a nightmare turned reality". 

The anonymous Brisbane resident posted a picture of the typed letter from her furious neighbours, asking her to engage in quieter copulation and informing her the walls "are paper-thin". 

"We were woken up this morning at around 12.30am mortified, drifting from what we thought (was) a nightmare into reality with the sounds of doggystyle-body-clapping-sounding-sex with loud moaning and groaning," they wrote.

"Your sexcapade was then followed by laughing and chatting until very early morning hours. We can actually hear every word you say. Can you please keep it down?'" 

The neighbour went on to say the woman and her partner were "showing very little respect for the people living all around you who have little kids," adding the children were "traumatised" by the noises. 

If that wasn't enough, later in the note the neighbour added there were "recovering sex and porn addicts living in the flats next to you, who would appreciate you keep any nudity and sexcapades private like normal, respectful people do." 

The neighbour threatened that if they were to hear the woman have sex again, they would "call in for noise control and name and shame your address" in a local Facebook group. 

But the Reddit poster obviously wasn't too worried, captioning her post: "Uh oh, I guess the  Paddington/Milton Facebook news group is going to hear all about my shameful 'sexcapades'!" 

The post quickly went viral, racking up over 300 comments from amused commenters, many of whom pointed out the worst thing appears to be how very thin the walls in the woman's apartment are. 

"I'm more concerned they can hear your conversations while talking ...your walls must be stupidly thin. That's ridiculous," one person wrote. 

"WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE SEX AND PORN ADDICTS!" another joked, to which another pointed out, "how does someone know this about their neighbours?" 

In the comments, the woman added her annoyance wasn't with the noise issue, but the way it was raised. 

"I don't actually want to disturb my neighbours' sleep and I don't particularly want them to hear me having sex," she said. "So of course, I'm going to try and keep it down and shut my goddamn windows." 

"Just don't be a dick about it next time."