'Worth a try': Singleton tries to woo neighbour with signs in window during lockdown

You can't blame a girl for trying to shoot her shot.
You can't blame a girl for trying to shoot her shot. Photo credit: TikTok/@ a129593a.

If you're an unlucky-in-love Aucklander with a cute neighbour, perhaps the current COVID-19 alert level 3 lockdown is just what you need to try this novel dating tactic.

After admiring her attractive neighbour for weeks but of course being unable to speak to him due to the UK lockdown, one TikTok user decided to shoot her shot by erecting a huge sign in her window, asking "the man with a bike on his balcony" if was single. 

In the video captioned "a lockdown love story", the mystery man is quick to reply with his own sign - but it probably wasn't the response she was hoping for. 

"Yes but I'm moving in two month's time. Sorry. Ps, stay romantic."

However, not one to quit, the woman then replies with a sign reading "worth a try" and her phone number, "just in case". 

The tactic appeared to work, as the video ends with a screenshot of a text she received from 'Alex' - the mysterious neighbour. 

The TikTok user had blocked out most of the details of the message, much to the ire of watchers. 

"I need to know more. We all need [part two]. I hope he wants to meet. I'm praying this goes well," one person wrote. 

"I need to know more. What did the text message say?" another questioned. 

"Don't leave us riding a bike with no hands!" another demanded. 

Another commented the video was like "the start of a romantic novel". 

We can only hope she posts a follow-up video showing some sort of socially-distanced date very soon.