Aussie mum divides internet after revealing family not allowed to touch 2yo daughter without child's consent

An Australian mother has divided the internet with a recent TikTok video revealing she's teaching her young daughter about consent by not letting family members touch her without permission.

Brittany Baxter said that as a parent she "practices consent" with her daughter and has done so "basically since the day she was born."

Baxter then goes on to say her wider family's approach has been "bothering" her. 

"Can we please start normalising the fact that kids do not have to kiss in front of adults?... I find it really f**king unhelpful when the adults in her life are like 'What?! We have to ask for a kiss and a hug?', even though I've explained why multiple times," Baxter reveals in the clip. 

"And then when she says no, they're like 'Oh, she doesn't love me, my feelings are so hurt,' and then they proceed to overstep her body boundaries anyway.'"

Baxter says her daughter's body "does not exist to make anyone feel more comfortable and to make anyone feel more loved". 

"It is not her fault and it's not my fault that the older generation hasn't taken the time throughout their entire lives to learn how to regulate their emotions so consent doesn't continue to be overlooked." 

Her video has racked up over 400,000 views, but a debate has been raging in the comments over whether it's the best approach. 

"I was always forced to hug a 'scary' grandparent, often as a child. I grew up to have massive issues around consent and boundaries," one person revealed. "Consent is so important."

"Working on this with my two-year-old as well," another person agreed. "We've had to reduce his interactions with my mother due to her not respecting this and I feel no guilt."

Another wrote they were a "50-year-old proud uncle," learning about consent. "I learned early to ask, 'would you like a hug, high five, nothing?' Always cool, always supported. It's so important!" 

But others criticized the move, saying it was rude to Baxter's wider family. 

"I encourage my 21-month-old [old's] bond (emotional and physical warmth) with my parents...and she is so connected to them... I really don't get your anger," one person wrote. 

"How not to parent," another wrote. "What kind of parent makes a child ask to be shown affection?"