Creators of 'mansplaining' tampon removal Pinky Gloves apologise after prompting outrage

Creators of 'mansplaining' tampon removal Pinky Gloves apologise after prompting outrage
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Two men from Germany have apologised after prompting outrage with an invention called the Pinky Glove - a bright pink glove intended to prevent people from getting menstrual blood on their hands while disposing of tampons and other menstrual products. 

The single-use glove created by has been deemed a "dumb" and "offensive" feminine hygiene product because, as most people who have periods know, even the tiniest bit of menstrual blood can be washed off your hands with warm soapy water.

The gloves cost approximately £12 (NZ$23.20) for a pack of 48 and can also be turned into their own bag to dispose of femine hygiene products when there is no bin available. 

The Pinky glove gained global attention after the idea was pitched on the German equivalent of Dragons Den: Die Höhle der Löwen (The Lions’ Cave). One of the male judges was impressed enough to invest  €30,000 (approximately NZ$50,000) in the company. 

In an instagram post, the founders of the product claim they came up with the idea after speaking to female housemates about the problems of disposing tampons. 

"We made it our mission to find a solution that makes life easier for all women during their period, giving a safe feeling and at the same time is appealing and stylish", they said. 

The invention has been ridiculed with many taking to social media to condemn the creators and company for what is being described as a "body shaming concept" and overall "useless product". 

Many commentators pointed out that most tampons have strings and applicators and most bathrooms have soap, running water and paper towels. Outraged social media users also highlighted the fact that menstrual blood is perfectly normal and can be easily washed off. 

According to the Huffington post, women have accused the men of "mansplaining" periods as well as contributing to the discourse that periods are dirty and shameful.

"Pinky Gloves is a German start-up run by men who think menstrual blood is unclean and that gloves are necessary when changing tampons or pads. Where do we even begin? There is nothing unhygienic about period blood. This is period shaming," said one user. 

"One of the absolute dumbest things I have ever come across. And to look so incredibly proud of inventing a 'problem' to 'solve'," said another. 

After intense backlash the Pinky glove trio have issued an apology on Instagram for their "big mistake". 

"We have not dealt adequately and properly with the subject. That was a big mistake,” the brand wrote, according to a Google translation of it published by the Huffington Post

"We take your feedback very seriously and [will] rethink our product and reflect on the entire history of its creation."

The founders went on to insist that they are in favour of removing the stigma surrounding periods.

"We realise that we still have a lot to learn and that we have some blind spots," they said.