If you use these emojis you are officially old - according to Gen Z

Do you use any of the 10 age-signifying emojis?
Do you use any of the 10 age-signifying emojis? Photo credit: Getty Images

It's time to check your recently used emojis because a new survey has revealed the 10 which will prove you're officially decrepit. 

It's the latest blow to skinny-jean, side-part-wearing Millennials who are coming to terms with the fact that they're just not young and 'cool' anymore. 

If you're a TikTok user you may already know of a couple emojis which Generation Z have decided signify you are out of touch, such as the cry-laughing-face. 

But now there are 10 more to add to the list, thanks to UK research and insight agency Perspectus Global surveyed 2000 16 to 24-year-olds asking just which emojis are the most ancient.

Who would have known these little animated faces could cause such a generational divide? 

Here's the list:

  1. Thumbs up 👍
  2. Red heart ❤️
  3. Ok hand 👌
  4. Checkmark ✔️
  5. Poo 💩
  6. Loudly crying face 😭
  7. Monkey eye cover 🙈
  8. Clappy hands 👏
  9. Kiss mark 💋
  10. Grimacing face 😬

Surprisingly, the laugh-crying-face wasn't included in the list and remains the most popular among all age groups. 

The survey also found 78 percent of Britons have used an emoji only to discover it has a secret naughty meaning, *cough cough* the eggplant. 

Perspectus Global told Metro UK emojis are now a "vital" part of communication with 76 percent of people in the UK using them every week. 

"This research indicates the importance of assessing which ones you use. Unless you want to be seen as old fashioned, it seems wise to avoid the thumbs up symbol."