Internet divided over whether server's description of customer on receipt was 'disrespectful'

"How else would you care to be described?" one person asked.
"How else would you care to be described?" one person asked. Photo credit: Getty.

When you're a frantic hospo worker, you'll take any means necessary to make sure everyone's getting their correct orders fresh and on time - and getting charged for what they owe.

But one Washington woman has taken issue with the way a server at her local pub identified her when checking the receipt after paying for her drinks. 

She shared a photo on Twitter of the receipt for her two margaritas, which described her as "the girl sitting by herself". 

"This description is so disrespectful," she captioned the picture, accompanied by crying emojis. 

According to the receipt, the waiter's name was Shaun, prompting the woman to follow up with another tweet: "Like come on Shaun."

The tweet has racked up over 40,000 shares, but commenters were divided over whether the description was really an attack. 

While one person called the description "nasty" and wrote the server was, "so wrong for that," another said they didn't see the big deal. 

“Seems a simple way to help the waiters identify guests they are serving,” they suggested. 

"If you are without company, you are just that. And if you are dressed in a red dress, you are dressed in that color....How else would you rather be described?" another questioned. 

Another person shared the more cutting way they had once been described on a receipt: "Lil ugly dude". 

"Better than the one I got," they captioned the image. 

It's not the first time a receipt has caused controversy. 

In 2019, an Auckland woman slammed a West Auckland restaurant after she discovered staff had identified her and her friends as "Asians" on her receipt.