Obese UK man loses almost 80kg over lockdown after fearing he wouldn't see his children grow up

A 29-year-old UK man has revealed the changes he made to lose almost 80kg during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. 

According to the Daily Mail, Tim Kershaw was left constantly "exhausted" due to his diet, which was almost exclusively comprised of takeaways and chocolate. 

The father of two is a business leader at McDonald's and would often just eat various menu items throughout the day, in the name of research. 

Upon getting home, he and his wife would order more takeaways for dinner, before gorging themselves on chocolate. 

But that all changed during lockdown last May when Kershaw was on a family walk with his then-pregnant wife and two-year-old son. 

"I was on a nature reserve walking and there were some steps we always walked up, so I said to my wife: 'I'm going to run up the steps and I'm going to start losing weight from now'," he said.

"It was kind of just a click in my head moment and it all just felt like I could do it."

He said he wanted to be able to play with his children and be around for their "whole lives". 

Tim Kershaw's drastic weight loss before and after
Tim Kershaw is currently cycling a marathon every day of April to raise money for charity. Photo credit: Facebook/Tim Kershaw.

Kershaw began working out on an exercise bike every day and keeping up the walks. 

His diet also drastically changed. Before his healthy changes, breakfast would be a bacon sandwich from a cafe, lunch would be McDonald's and dinner was another takeaway late at night - often a curry with side dishes and naans. 

Now for breakfast Kershaw has pre-prepared overnight oats and brings a salad to work, or has a small portion from the healthier menu. 

For dinner, he eats meat, vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrates. Dessert is a low sugar chocolate bar. 

Kershaw does say he has treat days during the week to "keep himself sane". 

His weight loss over lockdown was "drastic" and saw him losing over seven kilograms a month. 

Near the end of lockdown, Kershaw's father - who he hadn't seen throughout the pandemic - didn't even recognise him. 

Kershaw is now cycling a marathon on his exercise bike every day for the month of April to raise money for Birmingham's Ronald McDonald house. 

He's raised over NZ$7000 and says he hopes to inspire people who want to change their own lives. 

"I want people to know that being overweight and not being in the best mental place isn't a life sentence, there are things you can do and you can help yourself," he said. 

"'I'm just a normal person whose got a normal job, using a seven-year-old exercise bike that's been used a couple of times."