Russian model banned from every bar in UK after assaulting police during drunken brawl

Irina Fedotova
Irina Fedotova Photo credit: Getty

A Russian model is banned from every bar and nightclub in the UK after she violently lashed out at police officers sent to deescalate a drunken brawl. 

Irina Fedotova, 36, was banned from the UK's nightlife for two years after she assaulted two officers trying to break up a drunken fight she was in with friend Viktoria Goncharova.

She reportedly told Goncharova she wanted to "destroy" her marriage.

Officers Elisha Dixon and Sean Nicholl were called to Goncharova's apartment in London and found the two women were bloodied from the brawl.

Fedotova had lost a "significant" amount of hair in the tussle and needed medical attention.

While trying to arrest Fedotova she became aggressive and lashed out. The court heard she booted the door of the police van causing it to swing back and hit Dixon.

The model's aggressive behaviour continued as she was taken to hospital.

"She repeatedly told officers to 'f*** off' and she had to be physically restrained in the bed and kept kicking out her legs towards officers," said the prosecutor.

"As officers tried to restrain her, she tried to bite the officer to his left arm... He responded by pushing her head away."

In addition to being banned from bars and clubs, Fedotova must complete 150 hours of community service.

It's not her first time in front of the court - in 2018 she was arrested for making a fake national newspaper article to falsely brand her ex-boyfriend a pervert. She was fined for harassing Gregory Slade and bombarding him with sexually suggestive texts for four months.

In 2016 she was also fined for assaulting a police constable and biting another officer.