'The sincerest form of flattery': Heineken throws shade at Steinlager for similar branding

Similar beer boxes side by side
The local brewery has not responded to the public ribbing. Photo credit: Facebook/Heineken New Zealand.

One of the world's biggest beer brands has poked fun at locally-made Steinlager, accusing it of copying its recognisable branding. 

The Heineken NZ Facebook account posted a photo of two 24-pack boxes side-by-side - one belonging to the Dutch brewing company, the other decorated with the new branding of "'New Zealand's finest". 

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Cheers Steinlager"," the caption read. 

The two boxes, both green in colour, appear to have a very similar design with the brand name in white against a dark green background and with red detailing. 

Heineken beer next to Steinlager
Photo credit: Facebook/Heineken New Zealand.

Steinlager, owned by Lion Breweries, has not responded publicly to the ribbing at the time of publishing. 

But the post racked up some debate in the comments from beer lovers.

"Had some great nights on the classic, rather support a Kiwi originated product too," one person wrote in defence of Steinlager. 

"I'd have a Steiny over a Heiny any day!" another agreed.

"Heineken all day, every day!" another countered. 

The fight rages on.