Tips and tricks for creating easy, mess-free school holiday snacks

While school holidays are often a welcome break from the regular busy routine of school runs, sports practices and music rehearsals, parents do need to keep children fed, happy and entertained for two weeks.

With a little cooking and planning, you'll have more time to have fun and connect with your kids.

When putting together school holiday snacks you want them to be quick to make with mess-free cleanup, and nutritious enough to provide lots of energy for school holiday activities. 

Part of the new  Glad to be Green® Range, the new Glad to be Green® Compostable Bake Paper  is certified compostable*, plus it’s great for lining your tray and cooking snacks with the kids.

Newshub has put together our top tips for preparing tasty school holiday snacks:

Prep for success 

Prepping a bunch of different easy-to-grab snacks at the start of the week means little hands can reach for them when peckish, and you don't have to spend too much time slaving away in the kitchen. Getting the kids involved in the cooking process is also a great way to keep them entertained on a rainy autumn afternoon. 

GLAD has some delicious menu inspiration, plus tips and tricks on their website: These bacon and egg muffins are packed full of protein to keep little bodies going for longer. Use a square of baking paper and fold it into a muffin tin cup to create an easy-to-carry case.

For something sweeter, these homemade oat bars  are a delicious treat without all the preservatives and refined sugar you might find in standard store-bought muesli bars. To prevent sticky hands, wrapping baking paper around the bars and tying it off with some string.

Keep it clean

Keep your children's snacks light and filling by using nonstick baking paper for healthier cooking which doesn't require oil or butter. Our favourite is the new  Glad to be Green® Compostable Bake Paper. Heat resistant up to 240°C, it can be used for whipping things up in ovens, fry pans, microwaves and toastie makers, without the saturated fat. 

The double-sided silicone coating is non-stick, meaning you won't leave half your muffin behind during baking. It also makes clean up a speedy breeze - leaving more time for school holiday fun. 

Pack it in

Don't ditch the school lunchbox just because it's the holidays. When heading out to the zoo, park, movies or any other holiday fun spots, wrap your snacks and treats in your Glad to be Green® Compostable Bake Paper to create little snack parcels, and package them up in individual lunch boxes. Then tell the kids if they get hungry, they can choose one of their secret snack parcels out of their lunchbox, lucky dip style. The food will stay fresh, the kids will stay occupied and you'll stay sane. Win, win, win.

Find more tips and tricks for easy snack ideas on the GLAD website here.

*certified compostable to AS4736 and AS5810 standards.

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