US woman goes viral for confusion over the common way Aussies, Kiwis dry their clothes

Take note if you're planning on moving to the US.
Take note if you're planning on moving to the US. Photo credit: Getty.

A US woman has shared her confusion over something probably none of us has ever even thought about - how we dry our clothes. 

TikTokker Miranda Blakeslee, who goes by @mirandaknows on the app, asked Aussies to "please explain" how laundry racks work, after spotting them in numerous videos from influencers.

"In Australia, almost every single influencer I see that does laundry day takes it from the washer and then hangs it up throughout their house on these drying racks," she says in a video now viewed almost 300,000 times. 

She said she just didn't "understand" what the racks were, and added that they're not used in the US.  

"Here in America when we do our laundry days we put everything in the washer and then take it out and put it in the dryer. And then within 20-30 minutes, everything is dry and you just put it away in the closets and stuff," she said.

Blakeslee questioned whether Aussies - and Kiwis, as it turns out - didn't like dryers for environmental reasons. 

"Is it like a pollution thing or something? Please let me know if you're, like, living in Australia and you don't own a dryer, is there a reason for that?" she said.

The video racked up comments from baffled Australasians who couldn't believe the TikTok star didn't ever dry her clothes in the sun. 

"No, we have dryers, we just like the environment," one person commented. 

"The real question should be why do Americans use a dryer when the sun and wind is free?" another person commented. 

"The sun is a dryer mate. It's free and it won't make your clothes shrink," another added. 

Take note if you're moving to the US - coming across a clothes rack might be a struggle.