US woman mistakes nail glue for eye drops, seals her eye shut

Yacedrah Williams only realised the bottle was glue after she dropped it in her eye.
Yacedrah Williams only realised the bottle was glue after she dropped it in her eye. Photo credit: Getty Images

A US woman is thankful she still has her sight after mistaking a bottle of nail glue for eye drops. 

Michigan resident Yacedrah Williams woke up at about 1am on Thursday wanting to remove her contact lenses. Half-asleep, she reached over into her purse and grabbed what she thought to be eye drops. 

She only realised as she tipped her head back and dropped the liquid into her eye that the bottle wasn't the right colour.

"I tried to wipe it away and it sealed my eye shut," Williams told Detroit news station WXYZ.

In her sleepy state, Williams had mistakenly picked up a bottle of nail glue. The two bottles are of a similar size and shape and both were kept in her purse. 

Williams said she yelled at her husband to call 911 as she splashed water in her eye hoping to flush the glue out. 

An ambulance arrived and rushed Willaims to the hospital where doctors opened her eye and removed her contact lens. 

"They said that actually, the contact saved my vision," she explained. "They kept saying you'll probably lose your lashes, which I did because they had to pull on it and flip the top of my lid." 

An ophthalmologist told WXYZ Williams did the right thing by running water over her eye.

"If you ever get anything in your eye the immediate thing to do is to try and flush it." 

Williams won't be giving herself the chance to mess up again. She says she'll never keep the two products together in her purse again.

"Never, never. I don't even think I'll have nail glue anymore."