Dance teacher shares easy at-home tummy toning workout you can do sitting at your desk

You don't need a gym... you don't even to stand up.
You don't need a gym... you don't even to stand up. Photo credit: TikTok @tiktokqueenager.

If you're the type of person who always claims you've got no time to exercise, sorry, but no longer can you get away with that excuse. 

US dance teacher Tracey-Ann Roman has shared a stomach-toning workout she discovered that just about anybody can have a go at, as it doesn't require access to a gym or fitness studio. 

You don't even have to stand up. 

Instead, the entire workout can be performed at your work desk, or on a firm chair at home. 

Captioning a recent TikTok video "this really works", Jones performs the workout to the narration of a male voice.

"I am going to teach you how to get a stomach that is thin and trim, with no sit-ups and no gym," the narrator says. 

"We are going to work the transversus abdominis muscle. The deep core muscle way underneath that supports the pelvis and supports the organs and will help you prevent lower back problems."

Sitting on a standard desk chair, Roman begins by holding her arms above her head for one to two minutes, until the narrator says she can "feel those muscles start to contract". 

The "second phase" is to bring your knee up to tabletop position for 20 repetitions. 

"Bring your knee up nice and slowly and you will continue to work that core," the narrator explains.

Lastly, Roman sits on the edge of her chair, with her arms still in the air, moving her body forward and back. 

"Pivot from the hips, come back," the narrator instructs. "Every time you go forward, squeeze those abs. You're going to do 20 repetitions. 

"So do those daily,  and your stomach will love you."

The video soon went viral, racking up over 250,000 likes from viewers. 

"It really works! I started last week and really felt it," wrote one person. 

"I'm partially disabled and this will work for me! Thank you so much," wrote another.