Fresh and healthy lunch ideas to get you through the workday

Getting through the long 9-5 workday is much easier when you have some delicious, fresh and healthy food to look forward to - especially if you've remembered to pack your own lunch. 

But sometimes in the juggle of everyday life, inspiration for making our own lunches can be a little hard to come by. We often end up throwing in pre-packaged chips, nuts and snacks into our lunches, which not only can be full of preservatives and hidden sugars, often lead to a whole lot of non-recyclable waste. 

Heating leftovers sounds well and good until you're stuck in a line for the microwave behind that person who insisted on heating a frozen soup for 15 minutes. 

If you're stuck and looking for a little lunchbox inspiration, the new Glad to be Green® Range has got you covered. Here are some healthy and easily transportable lunch ideas to freshen things up and get you excited about the clock hitting midday. 

All can be kept fresh using GLAD's new Glad to be Green® 50% Plant Based Cling Wrap. Freezer and microwave safe, this versatile tinted green wrap clings tight and seals easily to portion, protect and preserve food, helping to minimise food waste. 

Also Glad to be Green® 50% Plant Based Snack Bags feature a handy write-on panel to easily label and identify contents. It provides an ideal way to protect and preserve food for longer lasting freshness.

Made from 50% renewable material produced from sugarcane and recyclable, you can also feel better knowing your lunch isn't contributing to landfill. You can recycle all bags with TerraCycle, or through the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme at a nearby store.

If you’re looking for other easy, yet tasty and unique, lunch ideas - how about trying homemade sushi or seaweed free sushi balls?

Find more tips and tricks for easy snack ideas on the GLAD website here.

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