Fresh lunchbox ideas for kids heading back to school

Kids are back to school this week (cue a sigh of relief from parents) and this means many of us are back into the daily routine: cleaning school uniforms, organising book backs, running the morning drop off and of course, packing school lunches.

But even for the biggest foodies amongst us, coming up with new ideas for the lunchbox each day can quickly turn into a big headache.

Don't worry. With the help of the new Glad to be Green® Range, Newshub has put together some tips for packing fresh and exciting lunches which look great, taste even better and can be kept fresh until lunchtime.

Say goodbye to seeing the same old jam sandwiches make their way back home in the lunchbox - or even worse, congealing at the bottom of the school bag.

Lucky it's easy to keep lunches fresh and more exciting using the the new Glad to be Green® 50% Plant Based Snack and Sandwich Bags.

These greener resealable Glad Snap Lock® Bags protect and preserve food, helping to minimise food waste and keep food fresher for longer.

They're made using 50% plant based material produced from sugarcane, a renewable resource meaning they're kinder to the planet.

Here are some exciting sandwich ideas for tomorrow's lunchbox:

Peanut butter and cucumber: This bizarre sounding combination is actually delicious, and is packed with protein and good fats to help the kids get through afternoon lessons - just make sure you get one that's at least 99 percent crushed peanuts to avoid any nasty fillers. The cucumber adds freshness and is a flavor combination that has to try to be believed. Parents should check with their schools first to err on the side of caution.

Hummus, salami, cheese and crisp lettuce: Pack their sandwich full of protein with this combination, thanks to the hummus, salami and cheese. A little added mayonnaise brings it all together, and the lettuce stops it from being too rich. This sandwich combination is the perfect way to use up all those platter leftovers on Monday after entertaining over the weekend.

Bacon, lettuce and tomato: No longer do you have to worry about tomatoes making your sandwiches soggy by lunchtime, like ours did when we were at school. Instead, pack the 'BL' part of the BLT sandwich into one Glad to be Green® Sandwich Bag, and put the sliced tomatoes in a Glad to be Green® Snack Bag. Then the lunch muncher can put the tomatoes into the sandwich themselves at lunchtime, keeping it fresh and delicious.

Avocado egg salad: Give their lunchbox delicious 'brunch' vibes by mixing avocado and egg for a soft, tasty filling packed with protein and healthy fats. Swapping in creamy avocado instead of using mayonnaise lightens the sandwich compared to regular egg sammies, plus helps get a little extra helping of greens in there. After mashing hard boiled eggs and avocado together, add a squeeze of lemon to help the whole thing stay fresher for longer.

For an extra lunchbox treat, place cheerios, carrot sticks or cheese slices into another Glad to be Green® Snack Bag, and lay it on top. They can pick at their own wee personal lunchbox platter during lunch time and eat as they feel.

For parents, of course your lunch for the day is offcuts and sandwich leftovers. Bon appetit!

Plus you can recycle all bags with TerraCycle, or through the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme at a nearby store.

Find more tips and tricks for easy snack ideas on the GLAD website here.

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