Internet throws support behind bride after she booted sister, nephews out of wedding

furious bride
The bride said her "blood was boiling". Photo credit: Getty.

Having kids at a wedding can be a contentious topic: Parents of young ones can't imagine why the bride and groom wouldn't want them there on such a special day, while those without kids can't imagine anything worse than having them underfoot.

It's a catalyst for disagreement. 

But one bride has shared the story of how having her nephews at her wedding almost destroyed the relationship between her and her sister after she was forced to kick them out.  

Taking to Reddit, the bride explained she and her partner had spent more than a year planning an intimate, child-free wedding. 

On the day of the nuptials, her sister's babysitter fell through, leaving nobody to look after her sons, aged two and five. 

The bride reluctantly agreed to let her nephews come to the wedding. 

"I felt pressured, but [my sister] begged for them to come. I told her as long as they behaved and her husband kept an eye on them."

On the big day, her sister and brother-in-law were running late, thanks to their "fussy" sons, who then began to "act up" again during the vows. 

"My husband and I wrote our own, and about halfway through mine, he begins to cry and fuss. My [brother-in-law] grabbed him and very awkwardly made his way out, with my older nephew behind telling his brother to shush," the bride claimed.

"I had to restart my vows twice due to the disruption, and I was already so nervous."

She added the whole wedding could hear her younger nephew crying outside.  

"I didn't see this at the time, but according to the best man my sister was dramatically shooing her husband out."

After the wedding, her sister also held up the wedding party photos as she dealt with her sons. 

"After the pictures, my sister didn't even say anything, no apology, nada. After the first dances she finally came up and was like 'haha sorry about [nephew], it was nap time! He's settled now.'"

The bride wrote she was upset by the "non-apology". 

"I told her I didn't like how dismissive she was of my wedding and how I broke my own rule to accommodate her family and she didn't seem to care," she said.

"She said she was sorry again but I was blowing things out of proportion, and how it wasn't as big of a disruption as I was making it out to be.

"I was just boiling at this point and asked her to please go, I didn't want her there anymore."

The bride says she hasn't spoken to her sister since the wedding day, over a week ago. 

"My family seems to think I'm a bridezilla cause the disruption had already happened and I was just 'punishing' them," she said.

"I'm not angry at my nephew. I'm angry at myself for bending on my childfree rules and my sister for everything, especially her half-assed apology."

The post racked up over 1000 comments with most of the Reddit users in full support of the bride. 

"She is an asshole for bringing them and making you feel pressured when you already set up boundaries and preferences for this situation exactly," one person said. 

"I'm going to go out on a limb right now and say there was never a babysitter," another agreed. 

"You gave people a year of advanced notice and you actively tried not to be a bridezilla by accommodating your sister's kids. She should never have put you in that position," wrote another. 

But some others thought the bride was overreacting and should have just gone with the flow. 

"You knew that by agreeing there was a possibility of the kids getting fussy at some point. Your sister shouldn't have been so dismissive... but kicking her out of the reception after it already happened is a pretty crappy thing to do and I'm sure other people noticed," one person wrote. 

"If you want to ruin a wedding it takes more than just a disturbance. The bride could have been gracious, but she decided otherwise," offered another. 

"Now everyone's going to remember the wedding for the wrong reasons."