Irate neighbours leave lengthy note, USB of recorded audio of couple having loud sex in condo

note from neighbour about neighbours having sex
The note writer included a helpful lesson on "sound amplification and reverberation". Photo credit: Reddit/Getty.

In today's written edition of Neighbours at War, one couple has gone out of their way to educate their neighbours on "sound reverberation" in a lengthy note pinned to their door, pleading with them to stop having loud sex. 

Posting to Reddit, user 'MeGirl94' wrote the neighbours in her condo "like to have some loud sex". 

"After letting them know previously, they haven't stopped so I left them a nice note on their door for everyone to see," she added. 

The brutal note detailed all the details of the couple's very noisy sex life and even included a USB with an audio recording as proof. 

Irate neighbours leave lengthy note, USB of recorded audio of couple having loud sex in condo
Photo credit: Reddit.

"Now, don't get me wrong. I am very happy you have a GREAT sex life but I think I can speak for many of us in the building when I ask you to please quiet down," the note read. 

"I can say I don't particularly enjoy having my five-year-old daughter ask me 'why's that lady screaming outside?'"

To detail exactly why the noises had been so loud in the U-shaped courtyard of the building, the note writer helpfully added some educational information on sound amplification and reverberation. 

"In conclusion, I would like to kindly ask you to please monitor the volume of your moaning and sexual noises. Whether it's with another person or with yourself. 

"No judgement on my end," the note finished. 

It was signed off on behalf of "all 18 units overlooking the courtyard". 

Fellow Reddit users loved the "petty" act and even added their own suggestions for dealing with the noise 

"If this doesn't work, get a couple of neighbours to join in on a counter-attack - every time they go at it too loud, everyone starts blaring the Bob the Builder theme or something equally off-putting," one suggested.

"Or start calling the police on them for noise complaints."

"You really hit him with the 'see attached'," another joked. 

It's not the first note from a neighbour to go viral. Last year, a viral video showed off the 15-metre note a neighbour had left after a dispute over kids toys, and over Christmas, the internet was shocked by a nasty note left for a US nurse after decorating her home with Christmas lights.