McDonald's Upper Hutt workers gift flowers, cake to regular customer on 90th birthday

John Philipson enjoying 90th birthday Mcdonalds
John Philipson has been going to Upper Hutt McDonald's "every day for 37 years". Photo credit: Supplied/Kelsi Phillips, Brooke Philipson-Yates.

An Upper Hutt man who has been going to his local McDonald's "religiously" for almost four decades received a delightful surprise from workers on his 90th birthday. 

Local woman Kelsi Phillips captured the heart-warming scene while getting her daughter breakfast and posted a picture to the Upper Hutt community Facebook page. 

"Big shout out to the workers at McDonald's Upper Hutt... they brought this man flowers and a card for his 90th birthday, he also had a cake and a  happy birthday note written on the door as you walk in," she captioned the picture. 

"So cool to see the kindness out there."

Phillips told Newshub she first noticed the sign on the door as she was waiting for food.

"I saw the manager with flowers and thought it was a worker's birthday. But as I was waiting for my coffee I noticed the workers walking the bunch of flowers over to a man's table," she said. 

"He had a yummy looking chocolate cake with the number 90 on it and he had what looked like his son there with him. The workers took a photo with him then went back to work."

The post racked up over 1400 likes and 60 comments from locals, including the man's granddaughter, Brooke Philipson-Yates.

Philipson-Yates told Newshub her grandad's name is John Philipson, and he's been going to the upper Hutt McDonald's "every day religiously for 37 years". 

Man enjoying 90th birthday at McDonald's
John Philipson enjoying his birthday celebrations at his local McDonald's. Photo credit: Supplied/ Brooke Philipson-Yates.

"Everyone at Upper Hutt McDonald's seems to know grandad," she said. 

"He was taken by absolute surprise with the set-up! 

"I gave him a call just before to ask him all about it and he said 'it was absolutely lovely; so, so wonderful'. 

"'All the workers sang happy birthday to me, and they got me a big cake with candles, it was such a good day'." 

And if you're wondering what Philipson's key to a long and healthy life is? 

Apparently his favourite thing to order is a bacon and egg McMuffin, a hash brown and a flat white. 

Locals took the comments on the post with their own birthday wishes.

"Happy 90th birthday young fella," one person wrote. 

"Thank you management and staff. You make our hearts feel good," wrote another.

"Happy 90th birthday - how cool is this!" wrote another. 

"That's lovely - I've only got 22 years to wait!" another wrote.