Mum's packed lunch 'fail' prompts concerned email from son's school

Mum's packed lunch 'fail' prompts concerned email from son's school.
Mum's packed lunch 'fail' prompts concerned email from son's school. Photo credit: Facebook

A mum has confessed to an embarrassing lunch mishap that prompted a concerned email from her son's school.

Her son had picked up a bag of food from the fridge believing it was his school lunch, but she noticed his lunch was still in the fridge when she returned home.

Soon after, the mother received an email from her son's school saying they had found a bag of raw sausages when getting his lunch.

"He only went and took my raw sausages from the fridge instead of his lunch!" she wrote. "Will be checking from now on."

The mum-of-three posted a picture of the sausages to the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas page on Facebook, which has over 1 million members. 

The woman said she was sharing her failure in an attempt to help other parents avoid embarrassment.

"Had to share my mum fail," she wrote. "[It's] weird because he said he had it. He never empties hes lunch bag so thought oh god he has took yesterday's overs [sic]!"

The mum went on to clarify that after realising she'd made the mishap, she dropped his actual lunch off to the school - "so he definitely didn't go hungry today". 

Her post has gained more than 5000 likes, with hundreds of people commenting their own hilarious lunchbox fails. 

"I made my daughter a cheese sandwich but sent in the remaining block of cheese in her lunch box and put the sandwich back in the fridge," said one woman.

"OMG. I got a message from my daughter's school asking why she had … dog food … in her lunch box. It took me a while to realize what actually happened. Dad packed the lunch in a plastic bag that had some leftover dog treats (and he didn't notice it)," another mum confessed

"My mum gave me her sewing box once for my lunch, so in year one I opened my lunch box to pins and needles," one woman laughed.