New Zealand parents fizzing over star projector

The "incredible night light" can be found at Kmart.
The "incredible night light" can be found at Kmart. Photo credit: Kmart New Zealand

New Zealand parents are going crazy over a new gadget providing a living room space experience.

The Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Nebula and Star Projector has caused quite a stir on a Kmart-focused Facebook group, with one member sharing they had just purchased the "gem".

A video included in the post, originally shared on TikTok, shows exactly how the projector works.

You plug it into a power socket, then point it at a blank space on a wall or roof. It then projects a starry night sky.

Using an app, you can control the projector to change the colour and appearance of the starry sky.

Hundreds of eager parents commented on the post, exclaiming they had hunted down the gadget for their kids.

"We just bought one of these after seeing a post - it's awesome!" one Facebook user writes.

"This would make an incredible night light for my little boy," says another.

Alternatively, if Kiwis want a real stargazing experience, a 2019 interview from The AM Show revealed some of the best spots for it in New Zealand.