NZ Post worker hits decks for DnB drop during delivery at Dunedin flat

One of New Zealand Post's hard-working contractors might be considering a change of career after being caught dropping more than just mail at a North Dunedin flat. 

Music producer Rit from Wellington shared a video to his TikTok on Thursday, captioning it: "Postman drops filthy triple on Castle Street."

"When should I release this song?" he added.

In the video, a uniformed NZ Post worker wearing sunglasses looks at home on the flat's DJ decks, dancing along to a sick drop alongside several of the flat's occupants. 

He's since been identified as NZ Post delivery contractor Rishi Kumar, "who loves his work and engaging with his customers", according to a company spokesperson.  

Rit, who posted the clip, told Newshub the video was filmed during Otago's "flo week" [flat orientation week] in February earlier this year. 

"We were playing around with decks mixing drum and bass and he must have seen us from the outside," he said. 

"He came in and asked if we could teach him and we jammed with him for about 15 or so minutes. 

"He's a really popular figure around those flats." 

Rit also revealed Kumar had his own TikTok account, which he encouraged others to follow. 

Kumar is married with two daughters and was reportedly a nightclub DJ in Fiji before moving with his family to New Zealand in 2007.

"He has a huge passion for music and admits he still mixes up beats on his computer. He's really surprised the video has gone viral," the NZ Post spokesperson said. 

Kumar's service delivery manager added he's a "well-loved figure" among the Castle Street students.

That is clear in the comments on the TikTok video, with other Otago Students quick to praise him. 

"Yooo that guy drops off my parcels, didn't know he drops bass," one fellow student wrote. 

"Release it right f**kin now or point me in the direction to find this masterpiece," wrote another. 

"See you at Northern Bass postie bro," wrote another. 

Others who lived in the area tagged in their flatmates and friends, often with the accompanying note: "It's our postman!" 

And if you live in Dunedin and you're griping about a parcel which wasn't delivered on time, not to worry: The NZ Post spokesperson was quick to assure Newshub the Castle Street flat was Kumar's last delivery of the day.