Revealed: The incredible distances crawling, walking babies cover in a day

small baby walking
If you're an exhausted parent, this won't be news to you. Photo credit: Getty.

In what won't be news to any exhausted parents of crawling or walking babies, new stats show New Zealand's tots are racking up some pretty extreme step accounts. 

According to research released by Huggies this week, walking and crawling babies travel almost four times the daily distance that adults in Aotearoa do, with each of them taking an average of 17,448 steps per day. 

That is almost 4km - the equivalent of nine laps of Eden Park, or climbing the Sky Tower's 1103 stairs almost 16 times.

While the step count alone is impressive, the analysis also captured the active range of movements bubs make, including a daily average of 5280 crawl-steps, 2640 commando crawls, 2400 leg kicks, 1440 bum shuffles and 720 climbs. 

With 1710 different moves per hour, little ones are doing more reps than an average 45-minute circuit class. 

The study was commissioned by Huggies to uncover just how much bubs' aged between six and 36 months actually move, as the company develops new nappy technology.