Stunned man discovers hidden dishwasher in flat he's lived in for two years

secret dishwasher found in flat
"I've wasted days of my life." Photo credit: Twitter/Tom Hale.

Anyone who has gone without a dishwasher for a period of time knows the joy of moving into a home with one - it saves so much time and energy when it comes to washing up. 

But one man is suffering an existential crisis having discovered one hidden in his kitchen, after doing the dishes by hand for two years.

Twitter user Tom Hale posted this week revealing he found a dishwasher behind what he thought was a blank piece of wall. 

"I am in shock. Lived in this flat for two years and only just discovered today it has a dishwasher. I thought it was a fake cupboard," he wrote.

"I've wasted days of my life washing up."

The post racked up over 8000 shares and over 180,000 likes and led to others sharing their own kitchen discoveries. 

One woman revealed she realised the part of her kitchen she thought was a panel was in fact a narrow herb cupboard, "far too long after living here". 

But others obviously didn't believe Hale's story of discovery, posting their own satirical takes.