Sydney couple discover squirming maggots in their Cadbury chocolate

The couple found maggots inside the wrapper as well.
The couple found maggots inside the wrapper as well. Photo credit: Getty; Supplied via 7News

A Sydney woman has vowed never to eat chocolate again after making a sickening discovery in a pack of Cadbury Freddo Frogs. 

Frankie Kelly, 22 and her girlfriend Bec Delaney, 25, were enjoying a 12-pack of Milky Top Freddos - half white and half milk chocolate frog-shaped bars - while watching a movie.

According to 7News, the couple had the lights in their lounge room off as they dug into the chocolate. 

Kelly couldn't see the bars very well but for a split-second, bright light from the TV illuminated the white chocolate half of the Freddo she had been eating. 

It revealed a maggot squirming around on the chocolate. 

"We looked up and I kid you not, there was a maggot actually moving," Delaney told 7News. 

"It was moving in her hand." 

Kelly let out a scream - horrified by the thought she had probably eaten a maggot prior to her discovery. 

"I had eaten two of them before she found out so I probably had it [maggots] too.

"I just wanted to throw up."

Upon further inspection, the couple found maggots inside the wrapper and determined the chocolate was covered in a fine layer of what Delaney describes as "cobwebs". 

The couple decided to share the photos online on Monday.
The couple decided to share the photos online on Monday. Photo credit: Supplied via 7News

The incident occurred in April but the couple decided to share the photos online on Sunday as they were disappointed with Cadbury's response.

After receiving their complaint Cadbury offered them an AU$25 voucher.

"We’re not asking for a free chocolate, we want an explanation," said Delaney

She said Cadbury was "so rude about the whole thing".

"People are saying it’s not a big deal. Wait till you have a maggot and put it in your mouth."

In a response to 7News, a Cadbury spokesperson apologised for the experience.

"Based on the pictures, it looks like warehouse or Indian meal moths have entered the product in storage.

"These bugs are common around the world and can gain access to a range of different food products including dried fruit, nuts, pasta, and bread without visibly damaging the packaging," the statement read. 

Cadbury also apologised directly to Kelly and Delaney. 

The pack of Freddos was purchased at a Woolworths supermarket in Bondi. The store said it was happy to provide a full refund.