TikTok star says this four-step bedroom cleaning routine will have you 'sleeping like a baby'

If you've been struggling to doze off lately, one TikTok star says she has a four-step routine guaranteed to help. 

While many of us might have bedrooms with clothes scattered across the floor and furniture, cluttered bedside tables and snack wrappers under the bed, cleaning sensation and mum-of-two Chantel Mila says having a fresh, clean space will help you nod off much easier. 

In a recent video which has racked up over 200,000 views, Mila says the first step is to strip your bed and deodorise the mattress with a mix of bicarbonate of soda and essential oils, before vacuuming both your mattress and fabric headboard. 

Then she says to clean your bedside tables with her special homemade dusting spray, the recipe for which can be found in another video. 

The last step is to make sure all dirty clothes are placed into a basket to get them off the floor. 

The resulting room will be feeling and smelling super fresh, and leave you with no other tasks apart from simply snoozing. 

"Treat yourself to the best night's sleep," she captioned the video. 

Followers couldn't get enough of the easy routine, with many promising to try it themselves. 

It's not the first video of Mila's to go viral. She also recently showed us how to easily get your towels as soft and fluffy as those at a spa, and how shaving cream is an excellent cleaning ingredient.