Tips and tricks to avoid DIY disasters

  • 28/05/2021
  • Sponsored by - Resene

Resene colour specialist Brenda Ngatai explains how Resene has plenty of services and resources available to help minimise confusion during DIY projects at home. 

Magic Talk radio host Carly Flynn chats about how confusing choosing colour can be and the different things to consider, like the way your home is facing.

"It can be overwhelming. It's good to speak to someone like me or my colleagues about colour and if you are going in the right direction," Brenda says.

Resene staff also have "must-ask questions" about your enquired project to help determine the types of products you might need.

To minimise confusion on how much paint to purchase, Brenda says the paint calculator on the Resene website helps to approximate how much is needed and what the price will be. 

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Listen to the interview.  

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