UK mum hits back after being branded 'lazy', 'disgusting' for wearing pyjamas to school drop off

tired woman in pyjamas on the couch with children
We all wore pyjamas during lockdown, but is it acceptable to wear them on the school run? Photo credit: Getty Images.

Many exhausted parents will know that in the morning rush of getting kids up, fed and off to school, some things fall by the wayside. 

For one UK mum, that thing is getting herself dressed, admitting online she sometimes wears pyjamas to drop her children off to school. 

But now she's being forced to defend that stance after online critics slammed her as "lazy" and "disgusting". 

According to The Mirror, mum-of-three Jodi Palmer shared a picture of her clad in her pyjamas, dubbing herself a "pyjama mum" and explaining in this case she'd been up all night with her infant son and didn't have time to get dressed. 

"I dropped my children at school in my pyjamas and unbrushed hair….[not because] I'm a bad mum, because I'm trying to be a good one". 

But the picture was flooded with negative comments accusing Palmer of being "disgusting", "lazy" and having no pride in her appearance. 

"I had less than a couple of hours broken sleep but I still got up, got my kids ready for school and got them to school on time," Palmer said in response. 

"I just didn't have time for me, but that's ok because my priority is them, not how I look to strangers."

She added she hoped by hitting back at critics, she'll send a positive message to other parents "doing their best". 

"The next time you see a mum in her pyjamas, why not smile at her instead of judging her because she is probably having a really hard time, but she has made sure her kids are at school and isn't that what's important?"

It's not the first time wearing sleepwear in public has raised eyebrows. In 2019 an Auckland woman organised a 'wear your robe to the supermarket' event, after being shocked at the hostility towards the practice.