US woman says she was 'body-shamed', 'threatened' over length of her shorts at amusement park

A US mother says she was "body-shamed" and "threatened" by a waterpark manager and someone claiming to be a police officer over the length of her shorts.

Bailey Breedlove was at Six Flags in Oklahoma with her daughter and husband in early May on a family holiday. She was walking towards a ride with her daughter, who decided to coast down the hill using the wheels in the heels of her shoes.

"She was just rolling down the hill next to me, she wasn't out of control or anything," Breedlove told radio show The News Junkie on Tuesday.

She says one of the people who accosted her, a woman proclaiming to be an Oaklahoma police officer, called out for her daughter to stop, as her shoes with wheels were banned at the park.

The woman then turned to Breedlove and took issue with her clothing.

"She started yelling at me, saying my shorts were too small and I needed proper attire at all times. In my experience at every amusement park I've ever been to, girls wear small clothes, bikinis. There's rides that have water and it's hot!"

The woman was wearing a shirt with 'police' emblazoned on it - but Breedlove told The News Junkie she has contacted the Oklahoma police department, and the woman is not a member of staff with them.

"She said she was a real police officer but she wouldn't give her badge number, name, nothing," said Breedlove. 

The park manager was called and Breedlove says she was told she'd have to buy new shorts.

"I didn't want to buy new shorts, I'd already bought the tickets and they were really expensive! But by the time I agreed to buy them, they had changed their minds and said they were going to kick me out."

Breedlove's daughter was next to her during the confrontation, sobbing uncontrollably.

Video of the altercation shows Breedlove pleading with the woman and the park manager to leave her alone, saying "look at this! Look at what you're doing to my daughter," as the girl cries.

Eventually, Breedlove was escorted out of the park and given a five-year ban. She says she won't be returning.

"I will not be returning to any of [the Six Flags] parks if this is how you treat women, law-abiding citizens and visitors - you should be ashamed of yourselves."