Wellington woman proud to empower others through twerk classes

Female empowerment is at the core of Molly M's classes.
Female empowerment is at the core of Molly M's classes. Photo credit: Instagram/@bootywerks_

A Wellington woman who started a side hustle teaching women to twerk says she's proud to be empowering women in their sexuality, despite the backlash she receives.

Molly M started her Bootywerks classes in August, after teaching herself the skills over lockdown.

"I've never been a dancer myself but I've always been interested in dancing. I got into this girl Nastya Nass on Instagram, and I just thought 'well I've got nothing else to do' so I taught myself to do it!"

The two-hour classes are female-focused, and Molly says the impact they have on the women who attend is significant.

"It just makes people feel so good - there's something about shaking your booty that just makes girls feel so good."

She says female empowerment is a central theme of the classes.

"Trying to be sexy is almost seen as a crime - I've definitely had some backlash but I'm just like why - people are at their best when they feel sexy so if I can help them do that in a safe and supportive environment why wouldn't I do that?"

She turns a blind eye to the criticism she has received.

"People who are negative - I just ignore them because they don't know what it's like they haven't been [to one of the classes]."

What's important to Molly is what her clients think - and she says they're over the moon.

"The feedback I get is just awesome - one girl says they've changed her life, she told me she was having some mental health issues, but she's now been to every class I've held since August and she says she has so much confidence, she can wear booty shorts which she's never been able to do. It just melts my heart."

The classes are a side hustle for Molly, who holds one or two a week - and since she posted to community page Vic Deals, all her scheduled classes have booked out. 

"It's an amazing workout - the two hours just fly by - when I tell the girls the time, they're always surprised, and we're always just covered in sweat by the end of it!"