Whittaker's announces new Hokey Pokey Crunch flavour

Sweet-toothed Kiwis get excited: Whittaker's announced on Thursday it's releasing a new flavour of chocolate that promises a lot more crunch.

Hokey Pokey Crunch is a "new and improved" version of the classic hokey pokey flavour featuring super-aerated honeycomb pieces encased in Whittaker's 33 percent cocoa milk chocolate.

The chocolate company's co-chief operating officer Holly Whittaker says while Whittaker's has long offered a hokey pokey flavour, the new recipe takes it to a whole new level.

"Hokey pokey is such an iconic Kiwi flavour that we've been looking for ways to improve on our original product because we believe 'best is always better'," she says.

"We hope chocolate lovers will agree our new Hokey Pokey Crunch is just as delicious but a lot more crunchy than before, delivering an all-around better sensory experience, encompassing both texture and taste."

Whittaker's releases new Hokey Pokey Crunch flavour.
Photo credit: Whittaker's.

If the name sounds familiar it may be because of how close it is to the classic Cadbury hokey pokey flavoured Crunchie bar.

Whittaker's says the flavour is not limited edition and will be a part of its permanent range.

It will be available in supermarkets nationwide from Monday, May 24.