Wine, wine and more wine: Winetopia kicks off in the Capital

Wine is on the menu in Wellington, with the annual Winetopia festival kicking off on Friday.

The annual celebration of wine gives people more than 300 drops to try from 61 wineries.

One of those is the Le Brun family's brand, No. 1 Family Estate.

"Bubbles, bubbles and nothing else. There's plenty of other kinds of wines, still wine and other stuff as well. But that's what we do, Methodé Traditionelle 100 percent," Sales Director Virginie Le Brun says.

"It's a long held family tradition for us, goes all the way back to champagne. It goes back to what my father and his family have done for many generations."

Organisers say COVID-19 was tough on the industry, but some fared better than others.

"Sales are very good, even last Christmas was phenomenal. Even though we thought it was going to be scary, but it went well," Le Brun says.

Winetopia Event Director Rob Eliott says around 4000 people will come and taste wines from Northland to Central Otago.

"There's Sauvignon Blanc, you can try amazing Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot, it's all on offer".

It's not just wine, there's also food, music and 'masterclasses with masters of wine, we call them our wine gurus' Eliott says.

One of those gurus is Stephen Wong.

"My biggest piece of advice is to trust your own pallet. You like what you like and it's no wrong to like what you like. To find out what you like, this is a good chance to do it."

The festival runs from May 21-22 in Wellington, before heading to Auckland in June and Christchurch in July.

"If you're even a little bit vino curious, then Winetopia's a really good place to kind of open your eyes to the whole scene," Eliott says.