Beauty hack: Experts reveal shaving cream makes excellent makeup stain remover

You probably already have this product in your cupboard.
You probably already have this product in your cupboard. Photo credit: Kalei Lagunero / Youtube / Getty Images

Almost every makeup wearer has faced this problem at some point in their lives: You go to pull a jumper or t-shirt over your head and you leave behind a smear of foundation. 

No longer will you have to rush to choose another outfit because you're already 10 minutes late for work. We've found a cheap and easy way to remove the dreaded makeup stain. 

Even better - it's probably something both men and women already have in their cupboard. 

New York Magazine talked to a range of makeup artists about removing pesky stains, and many recommended shaving cream for combatting unfortunate smudges, especially ones caused by foundation.

Makeup artist Vanessa Ungaro shared with the outlet the best way to remove stubborn stains. 

"Dampen the area with cold water and apply shaving cream directly onto the stain," she said. 

"Rub gently with your fingers or with a soft toothbrush." 

If you need your makeup removing mixture to be a bit stronger, Ungaro recommends adding a drop of rubbing alcohol and continue to rub gently. 

Beauty YouTuber Kalei Lagunero also put the shaving cream method to the test on her YouTube channel, but used a different cleaning technique. 

She simply rubbed the shaving cream to the affected area, then left the stained clothes to soak for around 10 minutes. 

After the soaking process, rub the remaining shaving cream into the stain, and then rinse with cold water. If the stain has not disappeared, repeat the process again until your garment is as good as new.