Bizarre TikTok 'lettuce boiling' trend for falling asleep fast actually backed by science

Social media has produced some truly weird trends and health claims over the years. Who can forget the 'full face waxing' trend, or when teens started passing out for likes?

But a recent trend which sees TikTok users boil the leaves of lettuce and drink the water isn't just harmless, it's actually backed by science. 

TikTok user Shapla posted a video claiming a mug of boiled lettuce water will instantly make people drowsy, making it the perfect pre-bed nightcap. 

"Apparently drinking lettuce water makes you sleepy," she narrates the video. "Sis don't sleep so I'm gonna try it out."

She then proceeds to pour boiling water on her washed lettuce leaves, adding peppermint tea in a bid to stop the tipple from tasting "like shit".

By the end of the video, she claims to be feeling extremely sleepy and ready for bed. 

The video has racked up over 4.6 million views, with thousands of people who have difficulty sleeping promising to try it out. 

But this isn't some elaborate prank - it turns out the claims are backed by science. 

According to Pedestrian, lettuce contains a high level of lactucarium, which researchers have proven can make you feel relaxed and sleepy. 

"For a long time, lettuce water and lettuce seed oil has been used to promote sleepiness, and also a good night's sleep," reports Pedestrian. 

Unlike the full-face waxing, this trend is one we can recommend you actually give a go.