Chef David Tamarkin causes confusion with his meat alternative 'bread steak'

bread steak
Some dubbed it "genius", others "the dumbest shit they'd ever seen". Photo credit: Instagram/Basically.

The plant-based movement has seen many delicious meat substitutes hit menus and supermarket shelves - if you've ever had the roast cauliflower at East Street Hall, you'll know sometimes you really don't need meat in a meal. 

But one chef's new steak alternative has foodies scratching their heads. 

Food website Basically shared an image on its Instagram of a 'bread steak', created by chef and 'King Arthur Baking' director David Tamarkin.

"When @davidtamarkin stopped eating steak, he still craved a slab of something lavish at the center of his plate—and a cauliflower 'steak' just wasn't going to cut it," the caption read. 

"Enter:The Bread Steak. It's a parmesan-crusted chunk of pan-roasted sourdough that's decadent, fatty, salty, and (if you do it right) downright meaty."

In the article on Basically, Tamarkin says he cooks his bread steak like he "used to cook 'real' steak". 

"I pan-roast it, getting it golden on the stovetop before sprinkling on some parm and a little sugar (for caramelization's sake) and sticking it under the broiler to crisp up. 

"When the bread is ready, it's browned and crusty on the outside and, just like a perfectly cooked piece of beef, reveals a tender center when cut open." 

But Instagram commenters couldn't help themselves in pointing out the obvious: Tamarkin's 'bread steak' heavily resembles… toast. 

"So this is...toast?" one person commented.

"This is literally the dumbest shit I've ever seen…. This is f**king toast," another person wrote . 

"If I wanted a slice of bread, I would have eaten a slice of bread," wrote another. 

Pizza Hut even weighed in, writing: "We've been doing bread steak for years". 

But others called the idea "genius". 

"Vegetarian here, I did giggle at the idea…but it looks damn good [to be honest]," someone else wrote. "Angry meat-eating commenters need to chill out."