Clarke Gayford impresses fiancee Jacinda Ardern by creating 'genius' cake for Neve's third birthday

Clarke Gayford is in the good books after dishing up a "genius" cake for his daughter's third birthday, with his fiancee, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, proudly sharing a clip of the creation to her social media channels.

It turns out that Gayford - best known as the presenter of the fishing show Fish of the Day - also has a knack for baking as well as bait. Complete with what appears to be a fully functional, remote-controlled screen, the TV-shaped treat displays a projection of daughter Neve's three favourite Disney films - Moana, Frozen and Mickey Mouse - in a bid to fulfill her ever-changing birthday cake brief.

The broadcaster couldn't resist showing off his creation with a series of snaps on Instagram, admitting the end result had rolled her three requests into one.

"So the birthday cake brief from my almost 3yr old client changed daily from Frozen to Moana then Mickey Mouse and repeat. This has been going on for nearly a month so I came up with a plan to make 3 cakes into 1," he captioned the pics - topping off the post with the hashtag "neverusingfondantagain".

And it turns out the cake even impressed the Prime Minister, with Ardern conceding her fiancé had come up with a "genius" solution to cater to a very indecisive client.

"Clarke came up with his own genius solution to a child who can't make up their mind. Well played Clarke, well played," she captioned a clip of the cake, shared to her social media on Sunday.

With dad on cake duty, Ardern admitted she had made some cheeky attempts to muddy the waters.

"I will admit that I found it hilarious listening to all her cake requests - they changed daily... I may have even encouraged it slightly by showing her pictures of elaborate cakes and saying she should get dad to make them for her."

Gayford shared a snap of his daughter Neve enjoying her movie-themed cake, complete with remote-controlled screen, on Instagram.
Gayford shared a snap of his daughter Neve enjoying her movie-themed cake, complete with remote-controlled screen, on Instagram. Photo credit: Clarke Gayford / Instagram

And as the icing on the cake - Ardern was so impressed with her fiancé's efforts, she even handed over responsibility for next year's creation.

"As a reward, you're doing next year now too."

The post prompted a response from Gayford, who joked he may have "peaked early".

It follows Ardern's piano-themed creation last year - which the Prime Minister confessed had been propped up with a jar of lentils.

"Don't focus on making the cake look in proportion with little to no attention to structural integrity," she quipped.

The couple, who have set a date for their summer nuptials, welcomed their daughter on June 21, 2018.