Creative or unhygienic? Debate online over toilet roll 'tree'

Opinion was split over the design option.
Opinion was split over the design option. Photo credit: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor.

Whether you keep them in a basket on the floor or tucked away in a cupboard, keeping extra toilet rolls in your bathroom is an absolute necessity. 

Usually, they're not considered a design feature, but one innovative Kmart lover has shown that a little creativity can go a long way. 

Posting in local Facebook group 'Kmart and The Warehouse Hacks & Decor', the woman shared an innovative design idea: Keeping spare toilet rolls on the branches of an indoor tree. 

"How about this toilet roll tree ladies?" she captioned the post. 

Creative or unhygienic? Debate online over toilet roll 'tree'
Photo credit: Facebook.

The photo racked up hundreds of likes from amused group members, but opinion was split in the comments. 

"I like it - can jazz it up at Christmas time too," one person pointed out. 

"I love how it keeps the toilet paper up off the floor area… awesome!" wrote another. 

"Someone in my house would just wrap toilet paper all around that," wrote a third. 

Others pointed out it may not be the most hygienic storage solution. 

"Spare toilet rolls should be stored in a covered container, drawers or cupboard. Never in an open basket right beside the loo. Always put the lid down when you flush," wrote one person. 

"Looks cool, but after seeing so many shows about floating poo particles, I prefer to keep my toilet rolls away in a cylinder holder with a lid," another agreed.